Website Security

Website security is extremely important these days. There are 1000’s of websites being hacked every day. Making sure they are secure from the latest vulnrabilities is an on going job. The cost of repairing a site go far beyond the actual money you spen on fixing it and securing it to make sure they can’t get back in. There is the damage to your reputation. Google, for instance, will block access to your site if they discover or are informed that your site contains malware. Once you have cleared the malware off your site it can still take 24 to 48 hours to be recognised. Even once your site is unblocked it will take some time before your rankings will improve again. You must get any malware removed ASAP. Better still don’t let get on there in the first place.

With cWatch you have many tools to hand. Even with the FREE version. You can get a daily scan to check for malware, a CDN to server your content which also provides DDOS protection. If you upgrade you can get a WAF (Web Application Firewall) which will protect you from known issues as well as some known attempts to hack your site. You can take immediate action when you site is at risk with the information from the OWASP scan. When an issue is found you will be notified by email.

We can help to protect your website by providing you with the tools to keep it safe and secure.

What Website Security do you get

With all our Quality Hosting (cPanel) Accounts you benefit from the following Website Security products as standard:

  • FREE SSL certificate
  • cWatch Basic FREE which provides
    • FREE price SSL (depending on tariff)
    • Content Delivery Network (CDN) based all over the world
    • Malware Scanning of your site
    • 1 x Malware Removal
    • DDOS protection
  • cPanel Access to the server with your own username and password

Upgrade your cWatch protection to get even more security and higher grade SSL certificates.

Take your website security seriously and protect your visitors, your reputation and your investment.

Use our managed services to make sure your site is always up-to-date and protected.

Have a look at our Security products. 

Our Available SSL Certificates.

Show your visitors that you take Website Security seriously with a website seal from TrueSeal.